Embracing Your Hairs Natural Texture

More often than not, we rely too much on heated appliances such as tongs, straighteners, hairdryers and everything in between, the list is endless. However, as we approach the summer months, taking...

Let's talk about care

Caring for your hair is so important for both its health and appearance, especially when you want your hair to look and feel fabulous at all times. Proper hair care ensures that your hair remains s...

Encouraging Your Ends

Encouraging healthy hair is a trend in its own for Sumer 2024. Ensuring you encompass hair health and avoid split ends begins with a gentle hair care ritual. Here is some of my top tips to encourag...

Shampoo Secrets

Getting the most out of your shampoo starts with selecting the right formula for your hair type and concerns. As we approach summer, the temperature rises and the health of your hair is absolutely ...

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