Double Shampoo - A Trend?

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Recently, the trend of 'double shampooing' has become quite the talking point, with clients and consumers a like discussing if this is necessary and also what the benefits are for ones hair and scalp.

Trending via TikTok, the ritual of shampooing twice has become much more of a 'must do' with individuals noticing a real difference to their hair and scalp. Double shampooing involves washing your hair twice in one shower session. This technique is beneficial for thoroughly cleansing the scalp and hair. During the first shampooing, the initial lather helps to remove dirt, oil, and product build up. The second shampooing allows for deeper cleansing, ensuring all impurities are effectively washed away.

Double shampooing can leave your hair feeling cleaner, lighter, and more manageable, particularly for those with oily or product-laden hair. However, it's essential to use a gentle hydration shampoo and follow up with hydration conditioner to maintain the hair's natural moisture balance and prevent over-drying - you can purchase now via my online store.

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