Humidity + Hair

Summer is approaching (we hope) and we expect temperatures to soar, meaning our hair will certainly feel the effects quicker than anything else. Humidity is something everyone tries to avoid, and there are some small, simple hacks which allow you to keep hair looking fabulous without spending too much on products!


- Use anti-humidity hair products such as serums or creams to create a barrier against moisture.

- Opt for hairstyles that minimize exposure to humidity, like updos or braids.

- Consider using a humidifier in your home to regulate indoor humidity levels.

- Avoid over-washing your hair, as excessive moisture can exacerbate frizz.

- Invest in a quality hairdryer with a diffuser attachment to tame unruly strands.

- Lastly, silk or satin hair accessories can help reduce friction and minimise frizz.

With these tips, you can maintain smooth, sleek hair in even the most humid conditions. Fabulous hair at every opportunity.

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