Springtime Sensitivity

As we welcome the warmer embrace of spring, it is essential to recognise how the rising temperatures can influence the well-being of our hair. The changing season introduces a host of factors that impact both the scalp and hair, requiring our attention for optimal care.

As the weather warms, our scalps tend to become more active, responding to the change in temperature by producing increased sweat. This can lead to heightened sensitivity and irritation on the scalp, potentially causing discomfort. This alongside the transition from winter to spring also exposes our hair to more UV rays. During the colder months, we might have been accustomed to covering up, but as we spend more time outdoors, our hair becomes more vulnerable to the sun's rays. This increased UV exposure, coupled with the slower blood flow resulting from reduced winter exercise, can impact the overall health of our scalp and hair. 

The solution? Hydration! My Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner is gentle not only to the hair, but also the scalp. It nourishes, provides key nutrients and revitalise the follicles.

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