Essential Oils

Being a stylist within the hairdressing industry, I know the importance of high quality and vitally required ingredients. Each individual ingredient is carefully chosen for its unique properties and abilities, and can uplift an ordinary product into something extraordinary, which helps create beautiful, healthy hair.

Oils are part of the every day life of hair, preventing breakage whilst nurturing every follicle and strand. Your scalp naturally creates oil, but sometimes an uneven balance or environmental factors can heavily impact the hair, resulting in a dry or brittle feeling. My shampoo contains Argan and Avocado oil and my conditioner contains macadamia and argan oil; here’s why...

Argan oil

Minimises frizz, protects against heat and styling damage and holds seal split ends – this was a must include for me. It is something which works towards healthy hair.

Avocado oil

Featuring vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can help keep the hair strong.  
This also helps reduce dandruff, prevents breakage, detangles hair and protects hair from damage.

Macadamia Oil

This can control and smooth out excessive frizz. It nourishes the hair with vital vitamins and that help to return hair to its normal structure.

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